Why Should You Stop Using Straw Wattle?

When the regulations about stormwater BMPs changed several years ago, straw wattle became the convenient perimeter control. Its disadvantages are clear, yet most people do not want to spend the energy on a better solution. Here’s why you should stop shelling out money for fiber rolls:

1. Time is Money

You are losing on labor costs with straw wattle!

  • Fiber rolls fail quickly and need replacing frequently.
  • Fiber rolls are extremely heavy when saturated and can’t be moved easily.
  • They’re time and labor intensive to install.
  • They have to be moved every time a vehicle drives on site.

2. Money is also Money

Of course, the actual costs of maintaining straw wattle add up!

  • Fiber rolls fail quickly and need replacing frequently. Yes, when you compare a reusable wattle product against fiber rolls over a 2 year span, you will see your annual cost dramatically decrease with a reusable, durable product.
  • Straw wattle is not very effective at sediment retention, so sometimes you have to deal with fines.
  • Worker’s compensation claims may arise from the hazardous stakes.

3. Convenience

If ease is what you’re after, straw wattles are still not the answer! The initial switch to a reusable product might be a slight bump in the road, but it will be:

  • Low-maintenance – install and don’t worry about it again.
  • Better effectiveness – keep those inspectors happy.
  • Did we mention how lightweight the product can be?

Cost Comparison: Straw Wattle vs. Heavyweight DuraWattle™

Naturally, we have a fantastic replacement for fiber rolls available to you. The Heavyweight DuraWattle™ is the most durable sediment barrier on the market. It will save you time and money!

We have done a rough comparison to illustrate the drastic difference in cost between fiber rolls and a durable wattle like ours. Here is our estimate for material and labor cost for 3600ft. of wattle over one year and one job site. (This does not even factor in the reusability of the DuraWattle™ over multiple job sites!)

straw wattle cost comparison graph
While the upfront cost for straw wattle begins lower, at the end of a year the costs for maintenance and replacements add up.
The cost for the DuraWattle™ stays constant over one year as no replacements are needed.

Bonus Feature: Drive Over It!

The most unique feature of the Heavyweight DuraWattle™ is that it is actually designed to be driven over in high traffic areas. We aren’t the only ones who think this is such an amazing and convenient feature. David Franklin of EnviroTechNPDES Services, a Trainer of Record, says,

“Having seen many construction sites where the straw fiber rolls are pancaked by truck tires, it’s nice to know there’s an alternate linear barrier that’s actually designed to keep its shape if it gets driven over.”

So, no more excuses! If you’re ready to save time and money and ditch straw wattle, let us send you a quote for the Heavyweight DuraWattle™. Give us a call at 916-822-2174.

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