DuraWattle in use at the Port of Vancouver.

A versatile sediment control barrier

  • Stay in compliance in both soil and hard surface applications


  • Perimeter control

  • Site access points

  • Stockpile management

  • Roadside drain inlets


Drive Over It – DuraWattle is designed to fully rebound when driven over by heavy machinery
  • Stop having to replace sediment barriers when they get run over.
  • Gain greater access to your site without sacrificing your sediment control.
Easy Installation – Faster and more secure than traditional perimeter control BMPs
Hard Surface BMP by Design – Fights undermining without the need for weights
  • DuraWattle is effective on both soil and hard surfaces. The tail section is secured to the hard surface with wood or steel planks and concrete anchor screws to prevent undermining. See more about installation.
  • Our customers have reported little to no damage to existing asphalt or concrete after DuraWattle was removed from their site. They were also able to reuse most of the product after it was removed.
Ships Compressed – 1800ft of DuraWattle ships compressed on one pallet
  • Receive, store, and move DuraWattle much more efficiently in its compressed form.
  • Each pallet contains six 300ft bundles that are easily transported across sites.
Interlocking Ends – Create a seamless sediment control barrier around your site
  • Each DuraWattle section interlocks forming a continuous barrier around the perimeter of your site.
Lightweight – Each 12ft section of DuraWattle weighs 5 pounds
  • Typically, other synthetic sediment retention devices are secured to the ground using weights. DuraWattle is secured by its “tail section”.
  • The inner foam core of DuraWattle does not absorb any water, so it maintains its lightweight nature even after a rain event.
A Highly Effective Solution – Designed to dissipate heavy concentrated flow

Shames Construction in California

Port of Vancouver in Washington


While DuraWattle is designed to withstand heavy traffic, it is recommended to only drive vehicles directly over the product. If a vehicle stops with its wheels on top of the installed DuraWattle and turns before driving over it, then the product will be torn by the wheels.

Read more about this and other limitations of our product on our How It Works page.

Install Guide for Hard Surfaces
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Install Guide for Soil Surfaces
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Spec Sheet
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Information Booklet
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