Drain inlet protection in Tacoma.

A long-lasting temporary sediment control barrier

  • Stay in compliance with a BMP that’s effective on hard surfaces

  • Alleviate maintenance headaches


  • Stockpile management

  • Drain inlet protection

  • Site access points


Drive Over It – DuraWattle is designed to fully rebound when driven over by heavy machinery
  • DuraWattle’s durable design is perfect for stockyards or waste management facilities.
  • DuraWattle can withstand semi-trucks and other heavy equipment driving over it regularly for years.
Low Maintenance – Set it and forget it
  • The durable design of DuraWattle keeps it functioning with few replacements or repairs necessary. Removing damaged sections and installing new sections is easy on any surface (soil, asphalt, concrete, etc).
  • Maintaining effective sediment control is easy with DuraWattle. Simply remove the built-up sediment behind the product with a shovel.
Hard Surface BMP by Design – Fights undermining without the need for weights
  • DuraWattle can be secured to asphalt or concrete with very little damage to the surface using wood planks or steel beams.
  • Unlike straw wattles or gravel bags, DuraWattle’s secured tail section filters runoff with no undermining, keeping your facility in compliance.
Tested Performance – 96.6% Sediment Retention
Long Lasting – DuraWattle is the most durable temporary sediment barrier on the market
  • DuraWattle is designed to be the most permanent temporary BMP in your tool belt.
  • The UV-resistant monofilament filter fabric tested at 90% resistance at 1000hrs of sunlight.
  • DuraWattle doesn’t absorb water, helping it maintain an effective barrier height.

City of Tacoma in Washington


DuraWattle is not designed to absorb/filter hydrocarbons or dissolved metals. Any applications that require absorbing hydrocarbons or filtering dissolved metals will require additional BMPs to help augment the DuraWattle.

Read more about this and other limitations of our product on our How It Works page.

Install Guide for Hard Surfaces
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