DuraWattle® – a durable and reusable sediment barrier.

It’s about time you were introduced to a sediment control BMP that you can count on. For over 10 years, the DuraWattle® has been proving to be the roughest, toughest barrier on the block. It’s durable, reusable, long-lasting, highly effective, and super hassle-free.


It will happily replace:
  • Straw wattle
  • Silt fence
  • Sand bag or rock bag berms
  • Angular silt dike
  • Chicken wire and rock concoctions
  • Hay bales
As an extremely effective sediment control BMP, the DuraWattle® is a great fit for:
  • Perimeter control on soil, sidewalk, or hard surfaces
  • Drain inlet protection
  • Stockpile management
  • Ditch checks


Record breaking effectiveness
  • The DuraWattle® tested at 96.6% sediment retention and 58% turbidity reduction. (ASTM D7351 Testing)
  • Easily installable and highly effective on sidewalk, soil, and hard surfaces.
  • Interlocking ends allow for a 100% continuous barrier. Its flexibility allows it to wind and turn around corners with ease.
  • Eliminates undermining with a trenched tail.
  • High flow rate helps to dewater and prevent ponding.
  • Low profile means good site visibility and cleanliness.
So durable you can run it over
  • That’s right. Drive over it with heavy traffic and it will immediately rebound back into shape. Full site access, anyone?
  • The DuraWattle® is built to last for years and needs minimal replacement on a job.
  • Made from highly UV-resistant materials. It holds up in the sun very well, unlike straw wattle or silt fence. (See this example of the DuraWattle® lasting on one site for 8 years)
  • Manufactured 100% in the USA for ensured quality. California, to be exact.
Reusable and cost effective
  • Reuse it within the same job over multiple phases.
  • Pick it up after a job and take it to the next one. Our customers report reusing up to 95% of the DuraWattle® on their next job.
  • Extremely cost effective over time. Buy once, use for years, save money.
Convenient and safe
  • Easy to carry and safe to install with no stakes or protrusions. Workers’ comp friendly!
  • Helps to protect the environment by being unappealing to animals. It also doesn’t absorb or leech any pollutants.
  • Does not absorb water. This means you can uninstall and move it right after a rain event.
  • Only weighs 6lbs per 12ft section.
  • Ships compressed to 1800ft per pallet. That’s equivalent to 6 pallets of straw wattle! (Read more about compressed DuraWattle here.)
  • REAP (Rain Event Action Plan) ready! This makes your compliance checklists a piece of cake.

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