Sheet flow from DuraWattle curb application.

An innovative alternative to silt fence and straw wattle

  • Solve unique sediment control challenges

  • Maintain site compliance with a highly effective synthetic barrier


  • Perimeter control

  • Site access points

  • Stockpile management

  • Drain inlet protection

How Well Does DuraWattle Age?

In 2006, DuraWattle was installed at a new home development in Sacramento, CA. After eight years of being installed, our iconic red line in the fabric had faded to gray, but the installed DuraWattle was just as effective.

Port of Vancouver in Washington

Earthworks Pacific in Hawaii

City of Tacoma in Washington

Shames Construction in California


We do not recommend installing DuraWattle as the sole perimeter sediment retention device on sloped job sites with a single low point where runoff can flow. The product’s low profile can be overtaken when high flow sediment-laden water collects at the low point during heavy rain events.

Read more about this and other limitations of our product on our How It Works page.

Install Guide for Soil Surfaces
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Install Guide for Hard Surfaces
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Spec Sheet
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CAD Drawings
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