Sheet flow from DuraWattle curb application.

An innovative alternative to silt fence and straw wattle

  • Solve unique sediment control challenges

  • Maintain site compliance with a highly effective synthetic barrier


  • Perimeter control

  • Site access points

  • Stockpile management

  • Drain inlet protection


Unique Temporary Sediment Control – a synthetic wattle with no filter media
  • DuraWattle is made with filter fabric that flows water and filters sediment. Its foam core does not absorb water and maintains an effective barrier height. The “tail section” is designed to be trenched in soil or secured to hard surfaces to fight undermining. Read more about how it works.
Versatile – Form a continuous barrier across soil and hard surfaces
High Flow Perimeter Solution – Filter fabric has a clean water flow through rate of 100gpm/ft2
  • In high-flow conditions, the non-permeable inner core of the DuraWattle ponds sediment laden water, spreading it out along the length of the product and creating filtered sheet flow.
  • Unlike straw wattle, DuraWattle fights potential undermining with an anchored “tail section” that is trenched into the soil or secured to hard surfaces without compromising its high flow rate.
Innovative Alternative – DuraWattle is a problem-solver
  • As a direct replacement for silt fence and straw wattle, DuraWattle’s design gives you the ability to find unique solutions to your unique problems.
  • Many of our customers have chosen DuraWattle for unique sediment control challenges.
    • City of Tacoma used DuraWattle to augment an overloaded in-grate biofiltration system at their Waste Management Facility. See the full case study here.
    • Earthworks Pacific, Inc. in Hawaii innovated with DuraWattle in a unique rock and soil application that was subjected to two 5in rain events. Check out the full case study here.
Drive Over It – DuraWattle is designed to fully rebound when driven over by heavy machinery
  • Keep your sites secure with a sediment barrier that can handle being driven over at any spot by heavy machinery without compromising compliance.
  • DuraWattle is the best option to secure egress points on construction sites
    • When used in conjunction with rumble plates, tire washouts, or gravel beds, DuraWattle is a powerful tool that can prevent sediment from leaving your site.
Interlocking Ends – Create a seamless sediment control barriers around your sites
  • Unlike other synthetic sediment control barriers, pieces of DuraWattle interlock with each other and form a continuous barrier around the perimeter of your site.
Tested Performance – ASTM tested by TRI Environmental at 96.6% Sediment Retention
Reusable and Low Maintenance – DuraWattle is cost effective over time for you or your clients
  • Our customers report up to 90% of DuraWattle installed as perimeter control is picked up and reused at the next job.
  • In applications at facilities, DuraWattle can stay installed for years at a time with only occasional sections needing replacement.
  • Removing sediment from behind DuraWattle is easy. Simply take a shovel and push the built-up sediment away from the upstream side of the product back towards the site.

How Well Does DuraWattle Age?

In 2006, DuraWattle was installed at a new home development in Sacramento, CA. After eight years of being installed, our iconic red line in the fabric had faded to gray, but the installed DuraWattle was just as effective.

Port of Vancouver in Washington

Earthworks Pacific in Hawaii

City of Tacoma in Washington

Shames Construction in California


We do not recommend installing DuraWattle as the sole perimeter sediment retention device on sloped job sites with a single low point where runoff can flow. The product’s low profile can be overtaken when high flow sediment-laden water collects at the low point during heavy rain events.

Read more about this and other limitations of our product on our How It Works page.

Install Guide for Soil Surfaces
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