A Perimeter Control BMP You Can Count On

  • Stay in compliance

  • Save money

  • Alleviate installation and maintenance headaches

  • Excellent alternative to traditional silt fence or straw wattle


  • Perimeter control

  • Site access points

  • Curb inlet protection

Benefits of DuraWattle over Silt Fence & Straw Wattle

Cost Effective – 70-90% of DuraWattle is typically reused after final stabilization
  • DuraWattle is long lasting and easily reused over multiple jobs over several years without a change in its overall effectiveness.
    • Jagoe Homes in Kentucky has reused 85% of the DuraWattle he purchased for several residential building projects. See the case study here.
  • Traditional BMPs can be damaged by heavy equipment and often require frequent replacements which increase costs and compliance issues. If you are replacing your temporary sediment control BMPs 2-3 times per job, then DuraWattle can save you money and keep you in compliance.
Ships Compressed – 1800ft of DuraWattle ships compressed on one pallet
  • We compress the DuraWattle to save on shipping costs – which in turn passes savings onto you!
  • DuraWattle can be easily transported across development sites with the 300ft bundles fitting in the back of a pickup truck.
Long lasting – DuraWattle is low maintenance and can last the life of a project
  • DuraWattle is extremely durable; pieces only need to be replaced occasionally.
  • Only minor maintenance is required after rain events. Simply push the built-up sediment back towards the construction area. Read more about maintenance.
Lightweight – Each 12ft section of DuraWattle weighs 5 pounds
  • DuraWattle does not absorb water, so it remains lightweight even after a rain event.
  • Some synthetic sediment control devices must use weight to secure them to the ground. DuraWattle is secured by its “tail section”.
Low Profile – keep street sides of developments looking clean
  • DuraWattle is only 5 inches high and forms a continuous clean looking barrier around your site, improving visual presentation for home sales.
  • Unlike fiber rolls which soak up sediment and eventually become damaged, DuraWattle retains sediment behind the product and off the streets.
  • The low profile also gives it an advantage over silt fence which, when installed improperly, can be blown over by extreme weather or heavy winds.
Drive Over It – DuraWattle is designed to fully rebound when driven over by heavy machinery
  • Stop having to replace silt fence or fiber rolls when sub-contractors run them over.
  • DuraWattle is ideal for driveways on development sites where heavy traffic and materials delivery can be expected.
  • Gain access to your site at more points.
Easy Installation – Faster and more secure than traditional perimeter control BMPs
  • For curb installation, a trench is dug, the tail section is secured with nails included in the shipment, and the soil is backfilled over the tail. See our Installation Guide for more details.
  • DuraWattle remains lightweight and easy to move during installation.
  • DuraWattle pieces interlock to make a continuous barrier.
A Highly Effective Alternative – 96.6% sediment retention and 58% turbidity reduction

Earthworks Pacific in Hawaii

Jagoe Homes in Kentucky


We have had some customers report more replacements are needed when building basements in new home developments.

Read more about this and other limitations of our product on our How It Works page.

Install Guide for Soil or Curb
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