DuraWattle® for State, Government, and Municipalities

  • Save money and prevent lost time with a durable, reusable sediment control barrier.

  • Take care of your workers and reduce their chance for injury by providing lightweight materials that are easy to install and remove.

  • Set the standard in exceptional stormwater pollution planning by consistently using a superior BMP.

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How can DuraWattle® help you set a SWPPP standard in your counties?


  • The DuraWattle® is extremely durable and long-lasting and does not require as much replacement or maintenance as other BMPs.
  • You can reuse the DuraWattle® over multiple phases of a job, or even on the next job, providing significant cost savings over time.
  • Save on labor costs with a lightweight and easy-to-install sediment barrier.
  • Ships compressed 1800ft per pallet to keep shipping costs low


  • DuraWattle® is installed easily and without any stakes or protrusions.
  • The product is very lightweight and easy to handle at 6lbs per 12ft section. It doesn’t absorb water, so it maintains its light weight even after a rain event.
  • Avoid workers’ compensation headaches from laborious and heavy sediment control BMPs.


  • You will be able to use the DuraWattle® as a linear sediment barrier in a variety of applications, including soil, sidewalk, or hard-surfaces. The wattle is most commonly used in perimeter control, but has also been effective at drain inlet protection, stockpile management, and ditch checks applications.
  • The wattle has tested at 96.6% sediment retention and a 58% turbidity reduction. (ASTM D7351)
  • The ends of the DuraWattle® interlock, so in applications where you need a continuous barrier, there will be no weak points.
  • The product can filter pollutants and dewater simultaneously. And helpfully, during a big storm event, it will temporarily pond water.


  • DuraWattle® does not absorb or leech any pollutants as it does not saturate with water.
  • Keeping low turbidity numbers helps Risk Level/Type 2 or 3 sites avoid having a NAL.
  • It poses no threat to animals, and is largely unappealing to them.


Is there a Qualified/Approved Product List for your state? Great! We’re ready to get started. Just forward the new product evaluation paperwork to Kristin at contact@durawattle.com.

We are currently on the CA DOT’s QPL and spec’d with CalTrans. We are also conditionally approved with the Oregon DOT.

How much will it cost?

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