DuraWattle® for Facilities and Public Works

  • Keep maintenance low with a BMP that you literally can set and forget.

  • Strengthen your SWPPP outcome and reduce cost by using our DuraWattle® as a primary defense for your in-grate filtration system.

  • Create your own SWPPP solutions. We’ve seen many innovative applications for our wattle in truck yards, landfills and other maintenance facilities. What can we do for you?

Ready to get started?

How can DuraWattle® address your stockpile management problems and provide unique solutions?


  • While being an extremely effective sediment barrier, the DuraWattle® manages to be a very safe solution. It has no stakes or protrusions when installed.
  • It also weighs very little, only 6lbs per 12ft section.
  • The installation process is easy and fast. (See our installation guidelines)
  • DuraWattle® does not leech or absorb pollutants.


  • DuraWattle® tested at 96.6% sediment retention and 58% turbidity reduction. (ASTM D7351) We know those numbers matter in your line of work.
  • You can drive over our wattle, even in heavy traffic, without compromising its effectiveness.
  • It both flows and filters the water. Ponding will not be an issue.
  • The durability of the DuraWattle® makes it very long lasting. Customers report it lasts 5-7 years depending on conditions.


  • The DuraWattle® needs very little maintenance, whether installed on soil, sidewalk, or hard surfaces.
  • It’s reusable! Move it around your facility and reinstall it wherever you need it.
  • It does not absorb water, so it stays lightweight and moveable.
  • We can figure out a way for the DuraWattle® to meet your needs. It’s flexibility and versatility of application leaves an open end to be explored! Give us a call to discuss any ideas you have for your facility. (916) 822-2174

How much will it cost?

Installation Guide
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