DuraWattle® for Engineers and Consultants

  • Ensure compliance with a 96.6% sediment retention rate and 58% reduction in turbidity*.

  • Solve your hard surface application problems once and for all.

  • Be confident in knowing you are providing the best possible solution for your company, the client, and our water.

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Why is the DuraWattle® the best sediment barrier for perimeter control?


  • Tested at 96.6% sediment retention and 58% turbidity reduction*
  • Flow rate tested at 75 gpm/ft²
  • Forms a continuous barrier with interlocking ends
  • Eliminates undermining with tail section
  • Dewaters your site while simultaneously filtering out pollutants
    • – Will temporarily pond water during a big storm event
  • Durable and made to be driven over for full site access
  • Reusable over multiple jobsites and long-lasting over multiple years
  • Helps make the REAP (Rain Event Action Plan) preparation quick and easy
Perfect for:
  • – Moving from phase to phase of a long project
  • – Work close to waterways
  • – Sites with heavy traffic
  • – Soil, sidewalk, or hard surface applications
  • – Temporary projects like stockpile management


  • Lightweight (6lbs per 12ft section)
  • Easy to install and Workers’ Compensation friendly
  • Installed without stakes or protrusions


  • Does not take on water, therefore it does not absorb or leech any pollutants
  • Unappealing to animals and does not pose any threat to them
  • Clean installation and a clean worksite look
  • Helps keep turbidity numbers low to avoid having an NAL at Risk Level/Type 2 or 3 sites



Cost of Goods: $2.80 per ft

Man Hours: 1.25 avg hrs per 100 ft

Installed Cost: $4.25 (goods + labor)


Cost of Goods: $3.50 per ft

Man Hours: 2.2 avg hrs per 100 ft

Installed Cost: $5.25 (goods + labor)

How much will it cost?

Installation Guide
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Spec Sheet
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