Please see our DuraWattle installation page for full details on soil or hard surface installation.

  • Soil installation
    • In applications with little cutback, a 3in deep trench is dug inside the work area. The tail section of the DuraWattle is placed in the trench, folded over itself, and nailed down with provided nails every four feet and at each section junction. The core of the DuraWattle is not placed in the trench or secured directly with a pin. Instead, the core is placed around the perimeter of the site with the tail in the trench and the tail is pinned. A mark is made with spray paint on the core section above each nail for easy locating during removal. Soil is backfilled over the tail.
  • In hard surface applications such as asphalt:
    • First, the installation surface is cleared of any debris. Then the tail is placed inside the work area and folded over itself. The tail is secured with a steel strip or wood plank that has been predrilled with holes every four feet. We recommend using steel for heavy traffic applications. A rotary hammer and masonry bit is used to drill pilot holes into the asphalt. Then an impact driver is used to secure the tail section by driving 2 3/4” concrete screw anchors through the steel strip, tail section, and the asphalt.
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